Recommended Reading

Resources for Couples


Non-Violent Communication

This book will help you improve your communication skills. You will learn to create compassionate connections with family and friends.  

Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

A great book offering practical help for couples. Based on years of research and packed with exercises for couples to try. 


Johnson teaches that the way to save and enrich a relationship is to reestablish safe emotional connection and preserve the attachment bond. She focuses on key moments in a relationship-from Recognizing the Demon Dialogue to Revisiting a Rocky Moment-and uses them as touchpoints for seven healing conversations.



The book covers everything from understanding love relationships to helpful "tools for connections" to keeping the sparks alive for years. This inspirational book helps couples invigorate their relationships and reach the fullest potential in their love lives.


Assess your love languages and understand better how to love your partner in a way that feels loving to them.