Marriage Preparation online course

We are so excited for this next chapter in your life; with our expert knowledge and year of experience helping couples we have designed an online marriage preparation course to help you prepare and create your happily ever after. Click to register to being this journey. With us as your guides, you will create your own roadmap for a successful lasting marriage.

We love that couples will put great consideration and effort into preparing for their wedding day. We believe this moment deserves to be recognized as a meaningful step in your life. As you take this step we also want your to feel prepare for your life together. Completing a marriage preparation course significantly increases your odds of being satisfied in your marriage.

Getting married right away and in a hurry? No problem, you can finish the course in a weekend or a couple of evenings.

Getting married in a year or so? Start now and you can finish the course spending one hour or less each month. This gives you time to truly digest the course material and use it as building blocks to a stronger relationship.

This course is designed to help you as a couple explore your relationship strengths and weaknesses. It will help you learn what it takes to build a successful marriage and it will help you develop and practice relationship skills to sustain a healthy marriage.

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What to expect in this course:

  • Predicting Marital Satisfaction

  • Red Flags

  • Values and Commitment

  • Vision

  • Preparing Yourself for Marriage

  • Communication

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Intimacy

  • Boundaries

  • Finances

  • Staying Married

  • And More

The course is designed to be informative, it offers fun activities and creates opportunities to share and talk. Finishing this course together gives you the perfect opportunity to talk about those important topics that you need to discuss before getting married.

The benefits of this course are obvious. You get the instruction you need to prepare for marriage. You also choose the time and location for taking the course. You choose your pace for completing the course. The course is completely self-directed.

Start out on the right foot. Avoid the pit fall of becoming another divorce statistic.


Feedback from Couples Who Have Completed Online Marriage Prep

We found the course thought-provoking and interesting. It allowed us to further get to know each other, and we both feel even more confident in our future marriage as a result. The course was well planned and educational! Thank you very much :)

Lara K. & Ryan K., Saskatoon, SK

This was a great course, we both really enjoyed it, and it gave us more questions to discuss that we had not already thought about. I like the fact that we have this book as a reference and I know we can utilize it after we are married as well. Thank you.

Jennifer M. & Jordan F., Penhold, AB

A very fulfilling course that gave great information. This will definitely aid in answering all of our questions about each other and make our commitment to each other genuine. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to get to know each other even more than we thought we could.

Christine S. & Dustin K., Saskatoon, SK

We both feel that we gained a lot from the material in the course and it allowed us to open dialogue on subjects that we normally do not talk about. The exercises are very relevant and we learned a lot about each other from doing them. We both enjoyed taking the course. We would definitely recommend this course to others who are planning to get married.

Ashley M. & Mark D., Saskatoon, SK

The online course was great. It allowed us to work through the course at our own pace. It created some very deep and extremely meaningful conversation. It brought up things we hadn’t discussed in detail and made us really think about ourselves, not just our partner and how important it is to work on ourselves as well as our relationship with each other. Thank you!

Tara K. & Blair C., Saskatoon, SK