Strong Marriages Can Last a Lifetime

Photo by  Everton Vila  on  Unsplash

Marriage prep allows you to plan and prepare for your marriage, not just focus on planning the wedding. Marriage preparation can help the two of you recognize and enhance your strengths, clarify your expectations for marriage, learn and practice communication skills, improve your conflict resolution skills, and develop more emotional and sexual intimacy. Most couples can create and maintain a strong relationship by developing healthy relationship habits, prioritizing their relationship and ongoing efforts to make their relationship worth their commitment to it.

It is unfortunate that up to fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. And of those who stay together, only 50% report being happily married. This could be taken to mean that only 1/4 of married couples consider themselves happily married.

Preparing for your marriage can help you improve your chances of having a happy, successful marriage. There is evidence to indicate that couples who increase their positivity, learn to resolve conflict, prioritize their marriage, and avoid relationship traps, are able to increase their satisfaction and staying power.


Bridge Counseling offers an online marriage preparation course:

Complete the online self-guided course at your convenience and receive a completion certificate. This course has been designed to help you explore all areas of your relationship, strengthen the foundation of your relationship and create a lasting meaningful marriage. This course was created by Susan Derry, a relationship expert and master therapeutic counsellor who has been married for over 40 years. She has extensive knowledge from her own experience, growing her relationship, as well as 20 years of experience counseling couples. The course was developed with you and your marriage in mind to help you create a road map to your successful marriage. All the best for your future together. Read More


Bridge Counseling Also offers:

Private Marriage Preparation Sessions.  Three 1-hour sessions, customized for your relationship.