Personal Life Coaching

  • Focus on many facets of life (career, relationships, health, finances, etc)
  • Bridge the gap between you and your potential
  • Learn the secret to change
  • Identify and move beyond your fears and negative self-limiting beliefs
  • Learn to live a life of peace, balance, and harmony
  • Achieve a healthy balance between work, family, leisure and personal time
  • Gain perspective.
  • Accountability to your coach helps you stay focused and moving toward your goals.

Coaching for Singles

  • Gain awareness of your fears and limiting beliefs
  • Learn how to break negative relationship patterns
  • Develop your self-esteem and confidence
  • Become the person who will attract the partner you wish for
  • Explore personal values, visions and beliefs, in order to attract a healthy and fulfilling relationship
  • Develop your list of relationship requirements, needs and desires to assist you in choosing a life partner

Life Transition Coaching

  • Re-invent yourself after a breakup, separation, or divorce
  • Develop laser focus, clear intention and an action based plan following a career change, retirement, graduation or loss of a job
  • Ease into a new phase of life and facilitate a smooth adjustment (birth of a child, graduation, marriage, relocation or empty nest)

Career Coaching

  • Learn to communicate effectively and project an attitude of confidence, competence and success by overcoming fears and self-limiting beliefs
  • Determine if a career change is needed and identify the type of career that best matches your interests, skill sets, personality and talents
  • Develop an action plan to achieve career satisfaction and fulfillment