Feedback Informed Treatment

The Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT) process is simple. Clients fill in 2 very short questionnaires--one to measure how they are doing and the other to measure the effectiveness of the therapeutic relationship between their counselor and themself. They talk with their counselor about whether they are improving with therapy. They also discuss if there is a good sense of cooperation between themself and the counselor, that they are working toward their goals, and that they feel heard and respected.

Research has repeatedly shown that FIT doubles or even triples the effectiveness of therapy, whether it is individual or couples therapy. There are several benefits to you as a client. First, the use of FeedbackInformed Treatment (FIT) has been shown to double or triple the effectiveness of therapy. Second, using FIT ensures you will progress in therapy. We track whether therapy is helping, and if not, what changes need to be made to make it more effective.

We use the exact measures and process that has been shown to increase effectiveness by 120%. You can be sure to get the most effective help available. Conquer your fears, have the peace and passion you desire in your relationship. Bridge the gap between you and your potential.

Why does FIT make such a difference? Simply stated, feedback improves performance. Coaches of elite athletes know this and use it to their advantage. Consistent feedback improves the performance of athletes.

This is true in FIT. The counsellor is getting feedback from the client about how therapy is going, and what needs to be changed. The therapy can then be adjusted to better suit the unique needs of the client. This process of consistent feedback improves therapy.

FIT provides clients with an easy method for giving feedback. Clients often are in a vulnerable state when entering therapy. It can be difficult for them to voice concerns if they feel something is not working well for them. But, when they have the opportunity to fill in a simple form that asks if the therapist’s approach is a good fit, they feel more free to give feedback.

FIT can help client remain in therapy long enough to achieve the results that they desire.