What if you could remove yourself from suffering? What if you could choose happiness? What if you could accomplish your goals? What might this mean to your life? How would you be different? What are you afraid of? Do you feel stuck? What is the perpetual story of your life? The perpetual, swirling story is created through fear. Identifying your fears and challenging them can start you on the journey to a more peaceful you.

I have a passion for guiding people throughout their journey. I help people in several key areas of life: weight-loss, self-esteem, mindfulness and wellness--living a happy and balanced life. People come to me when they are feeling lost, stuck or simply desiring something better.

"Everything you want is on the other side of fear." Jack Canfield



Achieving the body you desire

Have you been a chronic dieter? Have you lost hope? Have you lost weight, only to regain the weight and more? Do you beat yourself up for failing over and over again? To get different results, requires doing something different. Weight loss coaching helps identify destructive patterns of disordered eating and self-sabotage. It can identify triggers that lead to emotional eating. Being aware and conscious of these patterns or triggers can help you manage and change them. This is a liberating process that can allow you to return to your desired or ideal body weight.

Becoming a more confident you

Happiness and self-esteem are not dependent on success; rather, success flows easily to those with confidence and a sense of worth. Concentrating on becoming more self-confident, attracts success. If you are overwhelmed by fear and self-doubt, self-esteem coaching can help you learn what unconditional love feels like, keep you motivated on your way to attract success, achieve your goals and find happiness.

“Being happy is a very personal thing and it really has nothing to do with anyone else.” unknown

Crystal Derry Life Coach Testimonial

"This was the year that I began the hard work of finding a healthier me. I met Crystal at Synergy Strength and Conditioning, where she is a heart, soul, and body trainer (my words, not her accreditation, ;))... she probably knows where you’ve been and since she’s still in the middle of her own journey, she can still reach back, grab your hand and help lead you through yours. There is so much that I admire about this woman." Heather, Photographer