What To Expect

Bridge COUNSELING is a group private practice, which has been serving Saskatoon for nearly two decades.  We specialize in connecting you to your potential, allowing you to consciously design your best life. Our team brings the expertise to facilitate both the insight and healing of counselling and results-oriented coaching. On your journey to improve your life or relationships, you will encounter unique barriers, blind spots, upsets and obstacles. Receiving both Counseling and Coaching in one service can help you overcome these challenges; better understand how your past may be affecting your present; gain clarity about where you are and where you want to be in your life, career, or relationships; and the actions and attitudes required to connect you and your potential. The best gift you could give yourself is the time to reflect and gain the clarity, skills and impetus needed to DESIGN the future you truly deserve. We are here to help YOU do just that!


We help you:

  • Gain insights and understanding of yourself;

  • Become more self-aware (noticing self-talk and your responses to others);

  • Use the discoveries and insights you gain in session to make real and significant changes in yourself and your life.

Benefits and Risks of Counselling/Coaching

There are risks and benefits of counselling/coaching. Benefits may include relief from distressing symptoms, improved emotional health, new approaches to problem solving and decision-making, better coping skills, more satisfying relationships, increased levels of creativity, maturity, and intimacy, as well as improved physical health. However, significant personal change has the potential to be stressful and painful, and may include periods of intensified emotions. Other risks may include an increased awareness of feelings, values, and beliefs that could lead to new choices, behaviors, and changes in your relationships.

The Change Process

  • Change takes time and can be difficult ... you did not become who you are today in a few weeks and you will not likely make significant changes in a session or two.

  • Changing engrained habits is doable and it requires some awareness and discipline.

  • Setbacks are a natural part of the healing process.

  • Change is often about changing your mind and seeing things from a new perspective.

  • You can change your life by changing your thoughts.

  • The credit for lasting change belongs to the client. You are the one who will take the things you discover and learn in session and apply them to your life.

The Healing Process

The healing process involves the client’s active participation and full commitment to the therapeutic process

  • The focus is on:

    1. how you see yourself

    2. how you see your life

    3. how you see yourself in your life

  • The goals of counselling/coaching are determined by the client and counsellor together often during the initial session.

  • Your counsellor will use various therapeutic techniques to help you gain insight and work toward achieving your goals.

  • Your counsellor may ask you to complete homework exercises to help you progress and to help keep you more involved in the counselling process between sessions.

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