Building Self-Esteem

Do you choose what you say or how you behave based on what you think others will think of you? Are you hard on yourself, often criticizing or berating yourself? If so, it may be helpful to strengthen your self-esteem.

Self-esteem is determined by how you feel and think about yourself. Being able to accept yourself warts and all in an indication of positive self-esteem. You are able to accept yourself in both success and failure and understand that both are part of learning and growing as an individual.


Rate your self-esteem. Answer the following questions with yes, no, or sometimes.  

  • How I feel about myself depends on how others treat me.
  • I don’t accept compliments easily.
  • I am extremely concerned about flaws in my appearance.
  • I’m not very intelligent.
  • I do not eat healthy or exercise.
  • I often make a fool of myself.
  • I am uncomfortable expressing my thoughts and feelings.
  • It is stressful to admit that I don’t know or understand something.
  • I envy others.

If you have some yes and sometimes answers, it is possible that your self-esteem could use a boost. 


1.     Take care of your appearance. Being clean and well groomed adds to feelings of confidence. Wear something that makes you feel wonderful. If you don’t own anything that fits that category, treat yourself to an item or outfit that lifts your spirits when you wear it.

2.     Give yourself three compliments a day. Record these compliment in a notebook or journal. Record anything that you are grateful for about yourself and those things that help you feel good about yourself. Complimenting yourself may feel awkward at first, but if you persist for at least 30 days, you will start to notice that you are feeling better about yourself.

Increasing your self-acceptance and improving your self-esteem involve changing the way you think about and talk to yourself.

The counsellors at Bridge Counseling are skilled in helping you understand yourself and creating the changes you want to see in your life. Your counsellor will meet with you to discuss your particular concerns. Together you can find options to help you increase self-acceptance and build self-esteem.