Are You Ready?

Bridge Counseling is a group private practice, which has been serving Saskatoon for nearly two decades.  We specialize in connecting you to your potential, allowing you to consciously design your best life. Our team brings the expertise to facilitate both the healing of counselling and results-oriented coaching. On your journey to improve your life or relationships, you will encounter unique barriers, blind spots, upsets and obstacles. Receiving both Counseling and Coaching in one service can help you overcome these challenges; better understand how your past may be affecting your present; gain clarity about where you are and where you want to be in your life, career, or relationships; and the actions and attitudes required to connect you & your potential. The best gift you could give yourself is the time to reflect and gain the clarity, skills and motivation needed to DESIGN the future you truly deserve!

  • Do you worry excessively?
  • Do You feel you or your Relationship are Broken?
  • Ever wonder if you can get past this?
  • are you seeking happiness?
  • Do you want connection in your life?

Our team specializes in:

  • Marriage and couples counseling

  • Individual counseling

  • Psychology

  • Anxiety and stress management

  • Uncovering the barriers to your success

  • Emotional awareness

What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.
— Ralph Marston


Therapy at Bridge Counseling

Here are some of the most common questions we see:

  • I’m really committed to feeling happier, but I always fall off course. Where can I find an expert who can guide me one-on-one?
  • How do I stop making the same mistakes and repeating my old patterns? I’m ready to create long-term change.
  • How do I forgive someone who hurt me and feel secure in my relationships?
  • I want to change my job, get into a relationship and manifest my dreams! How do I do that?!
  • I want to improve the intimacy in my relationship, I feel like there is no more fire. Where can I find an expert to help guide me and my partner?

Are you Ready?

No matter how far along we are on a path of personal growth, many of us can benefit greatly from more guidance. Working with a counselor, psychologist or coach is a powerful experience. If these questions resonate with you, then congratulations, you’re on the right path! All the guidance, support and direction you’re seeking is right here.

  • Are you ready to make a change?
  • Are you prepared to work toward that change with support and guidance from a counselor, psychologist or coach?
  • Are you willing to invest in yourself and create time to consciously design your best life?

We believe that all people deserve to be treated with dignity, respect and unconditional regard. Seeking help is an act of bravery; we consider it a privilege to assist you on your path. Click the button below to book your appointment with one of our talented counselors, psychologists or coaches today!

At Bridge Counseling we use feedback informed treatment (FIT), to help ensure that you will progress in therapy. FIT allows you as a client to give feedback to your counsellor on your progress, as well as on how you are experiencing counselling sessions.